Pembroke College Graduate Parlour



“Pembroke College, founded in 1347 by Marie de St Pol, Countess of Pembroke, is proud of its traditions. The third oldest of the Cambridge colleges, it was the first to have its own Chapel, and in the stained glass windows there and in our recently renovated Library is evidence of the way we make light of that history. Located in the heart of the University city, Pembroke presents a tranquil environment with varied architectural styles framing beautiful gardens and open courts.

Openness characterises Pembroke today. The College is an intimate yet diverse community, committed to welcoming students of exceptional talent regardless of their social, cultural or educational background, and giving them the benefit of contact with a large and distinguished Fellowship. Pembroke thrives on conversations, between generations and disciplines – between undergraduates, graduates and senior Members, between current students and our alumni, and between the academy and the wider world. We pride ourselves on our strong tutorial system, offering support in whatever way we can – academic, practical and financial – to our students as they pursue their chosen academic path and develop their intellectual potential to the full. But it is not all about work at Pembroke, and students enjoy extracurricular pursuits such as music, drama and sport as well as actively engaging in outreach and charity work. We regard a university education not just as an investment in one’s own future but as a means of enriching the world. Even at a time of rising costs, studying at Cambridge, and at Pembroke in particular, really is a bargain.”

Kindly borrowed from the website (until we write our own, fitting tribute…)