The GP as a communal space

All the facilities in the GP are available for everyone to use and we’d like to encourage everyone to do so, even stopping by when showing family and friends around Cambridge for some free tea, coffee and biscuits!

Use of facilities

  • Please return any mugs you use! We are constantly running low on mugs which end up left in bedrooms / study spaces!
  • When using the last tea/coffee/biscuits, please leave a note or write a message on the whiteboard so they can be restocked quickly! Any biscuit suggestions can also be considered.
  • Please don’t ‘borrow’ newspapers from the GP, and return any borrowed magazines the same day. We usually keep newspapers for a few days, so if you want to keep any after that period please place them somewhere separate.
  • If you eat dinner in the GP, please return your tray to Hall before 7pm, when it closes. If you eat lunch there, please return the tray before 2pm.

Tea and coffee

  • We have a regularly stocked selection of teas in the cupboard – please let us know if these run low or if there are any glaring omissions. Please do not leave teabags in the sink – these get gross very quickly.
  • We have a coffee machine that uses coffee beans – please feel free to use this (instructions have been placed nearby) and please keep it clean. If the machine requires a change of water, filter or residue tray after use, please leave it ready for other users. The process of cleaning is very simple and takes less than 30 seconds!
  • We have a GP cafetiere which can make 4-6 coffees, using pre-ground coffee. Often at lunchtimes you can opt in to the famous GP “Plunge” so keep your eyes peeled.
  • We also have instant coffees and hot chocolates which can be made with the kettle.

Keeping the GP clean and tidy

We would like the GP to be in a presentable and pleasant state at all times, for all members and visitors. It’s totally understandable if things are left out in the GP when t’s being used, but ideally should be left in a better state than it was found. Our Bedders are already far too kind – tidying, and even washing up for us occasionally, so if we can do the following we will not be abusing that kindness:

  • Please try and keep the GP tidy generally – when lots of people leave rubbish around the room, it can get gross pretty quickly – rubbish and recycling facilities are placed in the corner of the room.
  • Please wash any mugs, plates, cutlery etc. used – either by hand (this shoudn’t take too long!) or by putting them in the dishwasher.
  • Switch on the dishwasher when it is full (tablets in the sink cupboard), unload it when finished.
  • Put any waste or recycling into the appropriate bins. If the recycling gets full (roughly once every 1-3 days) it’s our job to tip it out into the bins (directly outside the GP), and is not for the cleaner to do
  • We do have a cleaner who cleans the floors and surfaces regularly, and they are always very friendly and get along well with GP members. Please make their job easier by cleaning up any obvious mess around you – it is not their job to pick up our rubbish…

The Puboard

The Puboard was initially set up to offer convenient and reasonably priced drinks for GP members, rather than to function as or to replace the College bar. In more recent years it has become a hub for drinks during GP events. It is not open regularly like the bar, but is often open before and after BA Dinner. Only official Stewards can operate and dispense drinks from the Puboard. Any member of the GP can become a Puboard Steward, allowing them access to the drinks selection, the opportunity to open it on other occasions including more informal events, and to use their own Puboard drinks tab.All Puboard Stewards receive full training for the position and as such are placed in charge of the area around the Puboard.  This includes keeping the area clear of guests so crowding does not occur and so that drinks may be purchased easily. The role does come with a few responsibilities, the ones which affect everyone being:

  • Keeping the general puboard area clean, tidy and safe
  • If there are difficulties in accessing or purchasing the Puboard, a Steward should be informed and resolve the matter.
  • At any given time, only a designated Puboard Steward should have access to the Puboard since they are responsible for the distribution of any drinks, as well as the collection of payment.
  • Any issues arising with the distribution of alcohol at events may be the responsibility of the sitting Steward
  • Stewards are generally required to work a small number of ‘shifts’ during events each term.

Applications to become a steward should be directed to the Head Steward.

Use of the GP for large gatherings

GP members are permitted to bring guests within the GP spaces, subject to reasonableness. Please remember that our spaces and resources are meant for everyone’s enjoyment, so please use your own common sense as to what is reasonable.

You may be able to to have larger groups of more than 10 people to the GP, or to use it to hold an event, but in these situations, please do let the GP Committee know. It is very likely that we can sort this out, but we need to make sure there aren’t event clashes or safety issues involved.

Appropriate Noise Levels

The GP is primarily an engaging social space, which includes a TV and music, and by its nature will attract groups to use the facilities.  This does raise the potential for some issues since the surrounding buildings and rooms are occupied by students and fellows who we must avoid disturbing.  Unfortunately, noise travels particularly easily through the ceiling of the GP and straight into the Fellow’s room directly above, as well as into other residential areas in the vicinity. To avoid complaints caused by the noise emitted from the GP, we ask that we keep our activities at as low volume as can reasonably be expected, for example:

  • Ensure TV and music volume is maintained at a suitably low level throughout use – particularly important if in the background to a gathering, given the tendency to turn it up.
  • Shut divider doors so that it is not necessary for volumes/voices to compete and hence rise when multiple groups are using the GP.
  • Stay aware of and minimise any noise above quiet conversation, since it is likely to be heard.
  • Pay particular attention to the time, especially early in the morning and in the evening.

Most of these issues are, of course, common sense, and serious noise complaints are thankfully very rare.

Events in the GP and noise at night

Efforts have been made to make the GP a sociable and welcoming place for all GP members and their guests, particularly by running events – often in the evenings.  As previously mentioned, the rooms directly above the GP are especially susceptible to disturbance and as such we must work within the guidelines provided by College to ensure no reason for complaints. As such it has been agreed:

  • The Puboard will be closed at 11:15pm during large gatherings, to allow us all ample time to finish our conversations and drinks and decide on a possible further destination.
  • At 11:45pm no noise should be audible around College (this applies to everyone, not just the GP*). As such, we are requested to have moved from the GP at this point and not to loiter in the surrounding areas causing disturbance.
  • All Puboard Stewards and GPC have their names provided to College, automatically being deemed stewards for any function or gathering they happen to be attending. They are thus responsible for helping ensure that events remain in accordance with College rules*.
  • When a request is made by either a Puboard Steward, Committee Member or Porter, we all will need to enact this request immediately.
  • Should we find ourselves in the GP after midnight, we must use the far room (near the Puboard), close the sliding doors and ensure no noise above low conversation can be heard.
  • At this time the TV needs to be off and music should not be played, as even quiet conversations can be heard on the floor above.
  • See the college rules for more info.


There are currently two designated smoking areas within College, which we are required to use. Nowhere else in College (and particularly outside the GP) should be used for this purpose.  We must respect that we have been asked to abide by this and should we or any of our guests like to smoke we should direct them either:

  • The smoking area near the JP.
  • To the right of the Library, behind the clock tower.

Information and Publicity

The GP, its members and committee are involved in a variety of events and activities, or have notices which may be of interest to others in the GP.  Whether looking to set up a new group or society, raise participation in an activity, list something for sale or just mention a gathering that’s taking place, we hope to provide means by which these can be publicised. Feedback about the management of these communication channels is extremely helpful, to achieve a useful delivery of information without overloading people’s inboxes, so please let us know if you have any comments regarding:

GP Bulletin 

Our frequent email bulletin is compiled by the GP Secretary twice weekly during term and once weekly otherwise. Please email a short title and description (approx. 150 words) for inclusion in the next edition, including web links for any further information. We have been asked to abide by University email list etiquette which prevents the addition of attachments, so these should also be linked to.

GP Mailing List     

The main list the committee uses for sending out information to members of the GP.  It may sometimes be used by members of the GP to email the GP with a message that relates to a majority of those on the list, but please email the GP Secretary who can clarify whether this is appropriate. Emails sent directly to the list will be held automatically unless approved by the Secretary. It is an opt-in list so if you believe you are not receiving messages (i.e. no GP Bulletin) please contact the GP Secretary to be added.

‘Pembroke College Graduate Parlour (GP)’ Facebook Page 

Our Facebook presence for anyone associated with the GP past or present.  We are looking for relevant content to post here to keep people engaged even when no longer at Pembroke.