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Things to do in Cambridge in January

Things to do in Cambridge in January

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Things to do in Cambridge in January

It’s the end of the first week in January, and people are returning to college, often somewhat reluctantly, after holidays spent at home or exploring Europe. Cambridge is cosy, but the skies are grey and it’s easy to daydream about all the cheap flights to Portugal and Prague that leave from Stansted.
National Winter Ales Festival 2011

Image: National Winter Ales Festival 2011 – by Man Alive! under Flickr Creative Commons license

In actuality, though, Cambridge is a pretty interesting place, and exploring can make the beginning of the year much more cheerful! There is, as always, a lot to see and do, but we’ve selected a few events for inspiration.
Vintage Clothing in the Guildhall (January 12th)
The Cambridge Vintage Fair, held twice or thrice a year, is generally pretty good, but this Sunday is a start of year sale, so should be cheaper than usual! The fair offers clothing and accessories from a range of eras, tables for tea and cake and the chance to see the interior of the Guildhall, which is surprisingly beautiful.

Cambridge Winter Ale Festival (January 17th – 19th)
Cambridge has a lot of great pubs, but if you want something different without walking far, the University Social Club on Mill Lane is hosting CAMRA’s winter celebration of real ale. There will, unsurprisingly, be a lot of ale, but also foreign beers, ciders and porters, along with mulled drinks appropriate to the winter theme. It’s £2.50, or free if you visit at noon on Friday.
Aid and Abet at Kettle’s Yard (January 12th – February 24th)
Kettle’s Yard generally has great exhibition programming, but their upcoming season is particularly exciting: the gallery are giving themselves over to some of the UK’s most interesting artist-led spaces. The first is Aid & Abet, who will pair their exhibition with a number of exciting events, including discussions modeled after art school ‘crit’ classes and a debate on the necessity of gallery representation for contemporary artists.
Internet Wisdom from a Google Executive (January 28th – 31st)
If you’re wondering if computers will be the salvation or downfall of humanity, it might be worth going to hear Eric Schmidt’s three lectures on what new media and connectivity might mean for the states and conflicts of the future. Schmidt was Google’s CEO for nine years and is now the company’s Executive Chairman, so it’s also a chance to find out if those running the company use the word ‘google’ as a verb.
Comedy and Science at the Portland Arms (actually in February, on the 8th, but tickets available now, £7)
If you’re not quite ready to return to lectures or labs, Bright Club might be a fun way to ease back into the academic year, with six scientists presenting their research through stand up comedy. It’s hosted by a cabaret performer and an established compere, and the evening is themed around endangered species. Bright Club is held at the Portland Arms, which is just far enough from Pembroke for those who need to get out of the city centre but don’t want a long bicycle ride.
Do you know of anything exciting around Cambridge? Submissions and suggestions for Whisky & Biscuits are always welcome!

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