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Societies, Clubs and Teams

Societies and Clubs

There are various College based societies for sports, music and theatre. During Freshers’ week there will be both a University-wide Societies fair at the Kelsey Kerridge sports facility (we will have groups walking over to show you the way) where most of the university-wide clubs and societies will be present – 752 currently, listed here: As well as these, there is a Pembroke societies fair for college societies. We encourage you to attend both of these sessions not only to find out what is going on, but also to take advantage of the freebies on offer!

Some members of Pembroke College Rowing Team on the River Cam.

Some members of Pembroke College Rowing Team on the River Cam.


Alongside the numerous societies on offer, if you are interested in playing sport our graduates can join many of the sports teams, both at Pembroke and at the University level. Over 111 sports teams ( and societies exist across the university, not including specific college teams. Pembroke sports tend to be mixed, with undergrads and grads playing in the same team, which provides an excellent opportunity for you to meet others in the College that you would not otherwise have the chance to meet through your course or the GP. There is a sport for people of all skills and if you’ve never tried a sport, you are made very welcome to try it as a beginner! Depending on the amount of time you wish to set aside, you can find a sport and level that suits.If you are very enthusiastic and think you have what it takes to take it all up a notch, you can always trial and join one of the University sports teams to be a University Blue (a Blue is anyone who does a sport at the University level). In the past, the GP has organised viewings of major sports events such as the UEFA Champions League, the Euro 2012 Championships, tennis, the Oxford-Cambridge Boat race and the main world sporting event last year, the London 2012 Olympics. We aim to continue with this and will be open to suggestions for hosting other sporting events that may interest our graduate community. So come, play and make the most of the amazing opportunities on offer! We hope that sports at Pembroke and Cambridge will give you an excellent opportunity to meet people, take a break from all the hard work and achieve a healthy work/life balance, alongside all the other new exciting things you’ll be trying.