Pembroke College Graduate Parlour


Just arrived and wondering what to do next?  Well if you’re currently in College at least you’ve arrived (no need for the Getting To Pembroke Map) and have got the internet sorted (or so we hope!) so you’re already one step ahead of the game!  U10 and IT Support is where you’ll need to head if you’re actually struggling to get connected, though do collect your passwords via the Porter’s Lodge computer if you haven’t already done so.

Now you should probably check out the Freshers’ Week Schedule 2016 to find out what’s going on in the GP and where people will be for all the Events that are taking place.  The Graduates’ Guide to Cambridge is a great resource for general information as you settle in, as well as the Freshers’ FAQs.

And if you’re still left wondering where in the world you are, the Pembroke In Context: Faculties & Departments and Useful Amenities maps should see you right.  Any final queries, you can always Get In Touch.